“Immediate actions taken by Pakistan’s government to restore the Hindu temple!”

11th August, 2021

A source from al Jazeera asserts the current incident that took place in Pakistan. The government paid to repair the ruined temple that was wrecked by an angry Muslim mob. The temple was situated is in Bhong, a town in eastern Punjab province. The dilapidated area was renovated after a span of five days.

The incident took place as the crowd was undeniably dismayed with the court’s order to release an 8-year-old who was accused of blasphemy. The administrator of District Mr. Khurram Shahzad said the local Hindu community would soon recommence their practices at the temple. He informed that the situation is under now as the security was strengthened.  The Hindu boy was caught up after he ostensibly urinated on a carpet in a school library framing Islamic religious texts. The mob at the time assumed the boy committed desecration against holy sanctions, an act that is punishable by death in Pakistan. Authorities arrested a lot of people that were involved in the incident and were asked to pay for the impairment


report from Islamabad quantified that there was distress in Punjab and boys family along with the other minority groups are trying to escape and conceal their selves. From 1990, approximately 79 people have been slain in the appellation of the blasphemy laws. Those killed comprise people indicted of blasphemy, their family members, their lawyer, and a judge as well.This law is said to be divisive and controversial. Rimmel Mohydin, Amnesty International’s South Asia Campaigner, said that this law has been used to manipulate many minority groups bur this case has exceeded all limits. He also urged the council to revoke the monovalent law. Lal Das Sohni, a member of the Pakistan Hindu Council, said his community was content with the new strengthened security.He further emphasized the fact that there wasn’t any disunity amongst Muslims and Hindus there, not even in the form of landlord domination.  However, there still have been incidents that quote attacks on Hindu temples. In December 2020, a large mob destroyed a century-old Hindu temple in north-western Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

In between the period of 2014-2015, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom, which surveyed stated that Pakistan has a high rate of crime when it comes to violence pertaining to blasphemy.


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