Imran Khan assures of not weakening ties with China

Pakistan will not weaken ties with China in response to US pressure, says Prime Minister

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that, because relations between the two countries are “very deep,” Pakistan cannot succumb to the US’s pressure to decrease its links with China.

“If pressure is applied to Pakistan to change its relations or downgrade its ties with China, it will not happen,” the prime minister stated categorically in an interview with CGTN, China’s state media television, on Tuesday. PM Imran added that the relations between Pakistan and China are “very special,” covering more than 70 years, and nothing can change these tested ties.The Prime Minister reiterated in response to a question that “Whatsoever happens… our two nations’ relations, whatever pressure is placed on us, will not change.There was a strange, powerful rivalry in the region, he said, that everyone knew.This might create issues.America formed a regional alliance known as ‘Quad,’ with India and several other countries.”

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