India as a President of UNSC and Pakistan’s Concerns

2nd August 2021

As India which is a non-permanent of UNSC has been given presidency over 15 powerful nations in the month of August, Zahid Hafeez Chaudri who is a spokesperson at the foreign office says that we hope India plays its part fairly in the position it holds now. UNSC’s presidency rotates in alphabetical order on monthly basis. India will get the presidency twice in its ruling tenure after signing in on Jan 1, 2021, till Dec 31, 2022.

He further added that as India becomes the leader of the UNSC for a month, we wish that they satisfy the UN goal of plebiscite in Kashmir. The timings of administration harmonized with the similar season of occupation of Kashmir 2 years prior and fulfillment of withdrawal of foreign powers from Afghanistan. The presidency of India also allures that no issue regarding Kashmir will be initiated by Pakistan in Security Council. The issue of Kashmir has been discussed 3 times in UNSC in the past two years.


India’s program and body of work in this month-long tenure will prove its implication and its program of work refer to spike Pakistan and China as the two flagship programs under this tenure are considered to be on counter-terrorism and maritime route management.

India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador T.S. Tirumurti said that India has always worked against terrorism in any case and any kind of terrorist unrest in neighboring countries will be of greater concern. He added that sea plans are additionally of incredible concern. While discussing it he alluded to his PM’s vision of SAGAR that represents Security and Growth for All in the Region.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has extolled a letter from the European Parliament tending to the president and VP of the European Commission in regards to the enormous common freedoms encroachment in Kashmir. FO alluded to it as a worldwide reproach towards the locale.

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