India’s False Allegation on Pakistan

9th August 2021

Terrorists are waiting at launch pads to infiltrate into occupied Kashmir from Pakistan, according to Indian media. This was an allegation leveled against Pakistan, which was denied by Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri, the Foreign Office spokesperson, on Sunday. The spokesperson said that this is a baseless comment made by India as there is no intention of Pakistan to infiltrate occupied Kashmir through the Line of Control (LOC).

According to The Hindu an Indian publication, an anonymous security official reports that 140 terrorists are holding up at platforms to enter Jammu and Kashmir, and terror foundations along the Line of Control and had so far been ceased to make such efforts. They have tried this propaganda earlier but could not succeed due to brave and alert Jawans in the area.

Chaudhri stated in one of his statements on Sunday that India’s slanderous attack on Pakistan is noteworthy and was thoroughly exposed by EU DisinfoLab last year in its investigation namely Indian Chronicles which has uncovered approximately 65 different pretentious and composed networks working for Indian interests and other dubious associations in 65 different countries The organization was active in Brussels and Geneva in creating and improving content aimed primarily at undermining Pakistan, and a Brussels-based investigation uncovered this demonstration.


There are a large number of Indian military personnel in the Indian illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir, and the area is constantly on high alert, with electronic security systems inserted and multiple layers of security measures in place. As a result, the area is extremely confined and impossible to traverse. So India’s timely accusations against Pakistan are meaningless.

The FO spokesperson also iterates that India has been identified as a suspect in several terrorist attacks, and some reports or dossiers presented by Pakistan show India’s involvement and assistance with various terrorist groups. In terms of regional peace and security, as well as saving Kashmiri lives, both countries have recommitted to the Ceasefire 2003, leaving no room for India’s false allegation.

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