Industries a Catalyst to Smog Calamity

28th July 2021

Numerous businesses in Multan have caused extraordinary air contamination that has made high caution of exhaust cloud cataclysm in coming days. A few production lines and mechanical areas are contributing incredible danger to the climate. Numerous industries are being run and are exceptionally perilous.

The plants like a chipboard manufacturing plant, paper processes, and smelting plants; that work with old batteries and their synthetic compounds are posing an extraordinary threat to the environment. These enterprises after issuance of Environmental Protection Orders under Section 16 of the Punjab Environmental Protection Amended Act 2012 and enrollment of FIRs have been as yet working and transmitting huge synthetics that are unsafe for climate and individuals around.

The environment protection department has comprehended the condition and said that there will be extraordinary smog calamity if these industries are not confined and for this reason requested the assistance of police division and administrative controlling assortments of the district.


Zahid Ahmed who is a secretary in Environment has visited Multan to look closely into the case and asked the agencies to work to reduce such contribution of air pollution in the environment with the help of different devices and required measures. He said that this has to stop before smog season else will pose a great threat to the environment.

The secretary also added that some industries are not abiding by the orders and running factories at night. He said that strict action should be taken against them and advised that the Inspector General of police should also be aware of such violations.

The police were additionally advised to make a move against such industries by the deputy director of the environment. The relief commissioner has likewise requested to boycott such exercises under the demonstration of Punjab National Calamities (Prevention and Relief) Act, 1958 in any case there will be smog catastrophe in the district, EPD informed about this news. Environmental protection orders were given under the amended act of 2012 by Environmental protection agencies but the units were still operational.

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