Institution-based practice in Medical Teaching Institutions

29th July 2021


Doctors recruited in Medical teaching institutes are being given incentives for practicing their degree and having institution-based practicing experience. The Doctors are given this initiative by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government following under Medical Teaching Institutions Reforms Act, 2015. 


The staff in hospitals like consultants, nurses, paramedics, and other working staff have been assisting hospitals under provincial government before MTIRA. The staff under this law was asked to get employed in respective MTI’s but they preferred to be a civil servant under provincial governments. 


The government wanted to facilitate all the staff members by employing them under MTI’s and let them have institution-based practice but most of the people wanted to work as civil servants. The staff and others working as government servants are free to work anywhere after completing their said hours and performing at the hospitals. 


The law was passed in the first tenure of PTI’s government in KPK but is enforced in their second-round as previously no one should their respective interest. Now the government is aggressively enforcing this law and making it obligatory for newly recruited members to perform IBP after their morning duties under the MTIRA act of 2015. 



MTIRA 2015 is pointed toward getting rid of the old framework. The government faced real friction from paramedic staff and other working bodies of the hospital when they implemented this law in three hospitals of Peshawar and one in Abbottabad. In any case, since the PTI’s triumph in 2018, the endeavors to implement the law have been raised.


Junior consultants were recruited under this law and senior consultants were replaced by them. In this case, many senior consultants resigned from their jobs at MTI’s. In the interim, the IBP advisors appreciate senior positions however they can be ended whenever according to their agreement endorsed with the MTIs. The MTIs have forcefully begun moving out the government employees to the common government under MTIRA 2015. IBP was intended to constitute a significant part under new law said Prof Nausherwan Barki, director of the MTIs Policy Board. 

He said that senior advisors were leaving MTIs yet more qualified and experienced specialists were joining the hospitals. He added that a considerable lot of the government employees were still executives of their specializations since they picked to do IBP.

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