Institutions Negligence of Child Abuse and Related Policies

26th July 2021

Pakistan medical association held up a press conference in Karachi, in which they addressed some major causes of concerns primarily focusing on child abuse and violence that take place in our society and educational institutions on a day-to-day basis.

Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Shoro, general secretary of the PMA’s Karachi chapter, said that this issue needs to be dealt with immediate actions and that the government and constitutions should take prompt and adequate measures to address these issues, otherwise it will undermine the rest of the masses and further depreciate the literacy rate. He further acknowledged the fact that physical abuse is not age-restricted a 5 and a 15-year-old both can be victims of these tortures, he statistically told that 45% of Pakistan’s population consists of teenagers.

Dr. Aisha Mehnaz, a pediatrician, narrated her experience, in which she encountered cases of child abuse. She also told that majority of the cases are not reported, and the cases that are reported are majorly done by NGOs. She further complained that there are no punishments and reforms to refer to these issues. Naeem Sadiq, a social activist said how children and animals are treated in this society is questionable. He also said 60% of children are not registered in official documents, hence the data is incomplete.


Faculty members of Islamic and western institutions should give high regard to child protection policies. Parents and everyone associated with kids in close premises should keep an eye and check on such conditions.

Mr. Sadiq said that there is a need to constitutes more child protection committees that counsel victims, and make sure the criminals are held accountable Furthermore he pointed out that there is a child protection officer in every district that should have complained in case of such emergencies. He also stated that poverty and the continuously expanding population are the main elements of these problems.

If a person condemns this procedure orthodox community to defame and defiles these voice raisers as secular and liberal. To this, Mr. Sadiq, Dr. Mirza Azhar Ali, president of PMA’s Sindh chapter, all agreed. They pointed out that such important Islamic institutes should rather be more careful; whereas, their performance proves them to be on the contrary. They lastly concluded that there is an immediate need to raise a voice against such a heinous crime and laws should be implemented.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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