Interior Minister Addresses Issues in the Capital City

3rd August 2021.

The investigation team from Afghan has landed in Pakistan to investigate the Abduction case of Silsila Alikhil, daughter of Afghan Ambassador in Pakistan Najibullah Alikhil. The girl was dropped with her hand and feet tied and notes on her saying “your turn is next” and “communist”.

The Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid on Monday said that as the team arrived he has ordered the inspector general of police to hand over all the investigation results with other facts and figures and video footage of the incident to the investigation team. He also mentioned that the police are fully done with the investigation and prepared to be inquired by the team.

The interior minister also added that they are free to work and probe in Pakistan and they are also in contact with the Foreign Office. The minister also said that he had given clearance to police to share investigation, footage, and access to 18 other people in which the taxi drivers are included.

The minister also addressed Noor Mukadam’s murder case and said that there is a whole process of court and hearings; he cannot kill the killer in a police encounter. He said he made ultimate efforts to gather the witnesses, shreds of evidence, and forensic test results are carried out and he hopes that the murderer is given a death sentence.


While addressing the press he also mentioned the encroachment on Islamabad’s nullahs. He said the he advised deputy commissioner of Islamabad, Hamza Shafqat, to get rid away off all the illegal construction on Islamabad’s Nullahs by the end of this month. He referred to this situation after the destructive rain that occurred last week taking the lives of 2 and flooding the area. This happened due to unchecked civic systems.

The minister also added that he directed the chairman of the capital department authority to secure diplomatic territory and to mount 190 security cameras in the capital. He also added that NADRA is going to give vaccination certificates and verification for foreigners. He also referred to the meeting that would be held on Thursday to discuss peace and security issues in the month of Muharram and added that he instructed this issue.

The minister also discussed the officials working for the foreign missions and their extended service. He said that if they don’t report back to their offices before 30th August they will be suspended. He also said that the dasu incident probation has also progressed.

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