ISIS Attack in Northern Area of Iraq

September 5, 2021

On Sunday, Gunmen started firing on a federal security checkpoint in rural northern Iraq, igniting conflicts that killed 13 officers, according to a security official. He claimed responsibility for the attack on the militant IS group. Five police officers were injured in the late-Saturday attack on a checkpoint in Satiha village, Kirkuk province.

According to a security official, the conflicts with the militant groups lasted nearly an hour. Because he was not authorized to discuss to reporters, the official spoke on the speaking on the condition. Meanwhile, police sources said the attackers fought for two hours with police stationed in the village of Rashad, 30 kilometers southwest of Kirkuk’s northern city.

According to police officials, the militants used roadside bombs to protect police additional forces from achieving the post, ruining three police vehicles in the process. The IS did not directly claim responsible for the incident. On the other hand, Northern Iraq, has been a hot – spot for IS activity since its territorial defeat in 2017 by Iraqi forces with aid from a US-led coalition. Iraqi forces carry out anti-IS operations on a regular basis in the remote mountainous northern region and the deserts of western Iraq, where the IS is known to be cooped up. IS attacks have decreased in recent years, but they continue in these areas, where security forces are frequently assaulted, raided, and targeted with improvised explosive devices.

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