Israel attack Gaza through Fire ballons

August 30, 2021

According to the forces, On Sunday morning, the Israeli air forces attacked two sites in Gaza when it clashed with Gaza border frontier forces and initiated dangerous rubber bands at southern Israel.

The Israeli army said in a statement. “IDF military warplanes attacked a Hamas military camp used for weapons production and coaching along with an entrance to a tunnel adjoining to Jabalia”. He added, “The attacks were carried out by Hamas in response to confrontational rubber bands into Israeli territory and yesterday violent protests”. No causalities have been reported in Gaza as a result of the Israeli attacks.

According to Israeli firefighters, two forest fires broke out in the Eshkol area near the Palestinian territory on Saturday evening. According to an AFP reporter, protests began and the Israeli army fired tear gas and stun grenades as Palestinians burned tyres on the Gaza-Israel border. According to Gaza’s health ministry, 11 Palestinians were injured in the confrontation, three of whom caught fire. Earlier on Saturday, Gazans buried 12-year-old Omar Hassan Abu al-Nile, who died a week earlier after being shot by Israeli forces during border clash.

In 2018, Gazans launched a protest movement calling for an end to Israel’s blockade and the right of Palestinians to return to lands from which they had fled or expelled them in 1948, when the Jewish state was established. A group that rules Gaza supported by Hamas, ebbed as Israel killed 350 Palestinians in the territory over a year. Then, in May, Hamas and Israel engaged in a disastrous 11-day conflict, the worst between the two sides in years, which concluded with an informal ceasefire.

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