Israel’s NSO: A Spy Software Used Against Prime Minister of Pakistan & Many Others

20 July 2021

Haaretz an Israeli Newspaper has sparked worry some rumors regarding basic rights of privacy for many in a report. These claims are worrisome for many that are mentioned in the report including Pakistan.

It is said that Israel was hired by India’s Modi government to spy on many individuals from Pakistan as well as from India including the congress leader Rahul Gandhi. It is said that Gandhi changes his phones every few months as a precautionary measure due to the existence of this threat and till yet not many effective solutions for this threat.

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Allegedly India tried to tap the phones of many individuals from Pakistan including journalists, activists, Government officials, and a phone of the Pakistani Prime Minister himself that was once in his use.

India’s Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi said that if this information is correct then the scale at which this propaganda has been employed is very large and worrisome. He declared this practice as illegal and “deplorable”.

Adding to which he said that whether this practice is against him or any other individual is breach of the basic right of privacy, this should be investigated and the responsible should be punished under law.

Please visit Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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