Kashmir Promised a Land of Their Own

24 July 2021

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, in his address to an election campaign rally in Tarar Khel, promised that the people of Kashmir will be given a choice to either join Pakistan as a province or become a separate country.

He said that he doesn’t know where this talk has sprung from of making Kashmir a province of Pakistan. He added that he wants to clarify that in 1948 at the time of independence, a referendum was formed for Kashmir to either choose between joining Pakistan or Hindustan to join them.

He said that the people of Kashmir should trust that the sacrifices of their people will not go to waste and a referendum will be made again for the people to choose their future.

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He further presented his confidence in the people of Kashmir by saying that the people of Kashmir will choose to live with this Pakistan when given choice.

Further adding to his address he said that after the UN referendum, a separate referendum will be conducted by the Government of Pakistan in which they will choose to either live with Pakistan or form land of their own.

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