KSA Offers ‘Good Offices’ to Facilitate Pak-India Talks

September 21, 2021

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud has stated that the Kingdom will be using its “good offices” to help Pakistan and India resolve their differences. During a three-day visit to India, he spoke with The Hindu on Sunday about a variety of topics, including Afghanistan and Saudi-India relations.

When asked if the Kingdom was disappointed that India and Pakistan have yet to hold talks, he replied, “We will always provide our good offices when we can, but it is up to India and Pakistan to decide when the time is right.”

One of the issues between India and the Kingdom, as per interviewer, is statements made by the Saudi-led Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) about occupied Kashmir, the status of Indian Muslims, and communal violence. When asked if he had discussed it with his Indian counterpart, the Saudi minister said it was a matter of domestic concern.

“It is up to the Indian people and the Indian government to address these concerns. And, of course, we would always support any initiatives taken by the Indian government in this regard, but from our perspective, it is a domestic matter “he stated

In response to a question about occupied Kashmir, he stated that the issue “continues to be a dispute” between the two countries.He said the new Taliban leadership in Afghanistan had a responsibility toexercise good judgement and good governance, to be inclusive, to bring in all people in Afghanistan, and to forge a path that can lead to stability, security, and prosperity,while also taking into account international concerns.He also called for aid and assistance to be provided to the war-torn country.

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