Lahore Police’s Conscious Effort to Secure Peace on the Independence Day.

14th August 2021.

On Friday, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore Ghulam Mahmood Dogar stated that strict action will be taken by Lahore police against individuals who violate the law and engage in anti-peace activities during the Independence Day celebrations. He stated that people who disrupt citizens’ peace by using loudspeakers, hooliganism, aerial firing, and other means will face consequences.

According to the police arrangement, more than 300 police faculty, including divisional SPs, SDPOs, SHOs, extra contingents of Dolphin Squad, Police Response Unit, and Elite Force, will indeed enforce laws and perform their duties on the evening of August 13 and Independence Day.

He also stated that on the day of independence six SPs, 34 DSPs, 83 SHOs, and 407 police subordinates will protect 17 marches and nearly 74 flag lifting ceremonies. There will be almost 45 check posts of police around the city in different areas to frequently check on the citizens. He further said that 260 dolphin teams and 65 vehicles of PRU will be deployed at different areas to check on the security system.


Ghulam Mahmood Dogar stated that police authorities are vigilant to ensure a tranquil environment and that all divisional SPs would visit the significant areas in their locales, particularly significant public spots and intersection focuses. The police also ensured that significant areas will constantly be under supervision through the help of the Punjab Safe Cities Authority.

The dolphin team and other police officers will patrol the city’s roads, shopping malls, parks, and recreational areas to keep an eye out for any inhumane or suspicious behavior. The gathering on the night of August 13th will also take place in police patrolling areas, and police will be deployed in special eccentric regions.

He also urged citizens, particularly youth, to be responsible, refrain from engaging in immoral activities, obeys the law and order, and abide by the city’s rules He also advised against one-wheeling and aerial firing because it is dangerous to everyone in the community.

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