Large Numbers of Afghans are Fleeing: Indian Media

September 02, 2021

According to a senior Taliban representative, hundreds of Millions of people will flock to New Delhi airport if the US administration provides to fly them to America and accept them there. In an interview with India’s TV9, Sohail Shaheen, the representative for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, called media reports asserting that millions of Afghans were fleeing Taliban rule in their country “propaganda.”

According to Anchor, “Taliban have repeatedly assured the people that they are safe. You’ve also declared a general amnesty. Despite this, large numbers of Afghans are fleeing the country. What is this case?”

In a response the Taliban representative Shaheen stated, “If the US announces now in India that anyone who wants to relocate to America must arrive at Delhi airport within three hours, you will see thousands of Indian people will arrive at the airport.” He continued, “Does that mean all of these people are scared of your Indian authorities?”

According to news anchor, “In a desperate attempt to flee Afghanistan, a large number of people gathered at the same location where the deadly explosion occurred the day before. What are your thoughts on this?

The anchor was pertaining to the August 27 suicide bombings at the American-controlled Kabul airport, which killed dozens of people, including 13 US service members. The IS-K group claimed the responsibility for this heinous attack.

“You stated that a lot of people arrived at the airport. This is not correct.” He accused the chaos at the airport on the US’ announcement that it would be evacuating people from Afghanistan. He added, “The vast majority of those assembled at the airport had never worked with the United States or its allies. They saw it as a chance to leave Afghanistan and settle in Western countries”.

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