Lebanese judge to interrogate top policymakers and security officers about Beirut

July 5, 2021

In conducting the investigation into the huge explosion in Beirut last year, the Lebanese judge stated that he intends to seek permission to prosecute senior politicians and current security chiefs in this case, state media reports.

Judge Bitar was named to conduct the investigation after two former ministers accused of negligence resulting in the explosion had removed his predecessor following legal challenges. The National News Agency reported that the outgoing Prime Minister Hassan Diab was charged and summoned to be questioned. A date had not yet been fixed.

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Judge Bitar also requested permission from the government and the Interior Ministry to question two of Lebanon’s most important heads of security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim, Head of General Security Division, and Major General Tony Saliba, Head of State Security.

In addition, he requested Parliament’s lifting of immunity for his predecessor two legislators and a former minister for the interior. Accusations have also been laid against former military commander General Jean Kahwaji and the former head, Brigadier General Kameel Daher, of military intelligence, together with two other generals of retired intelligence.

Judge Bitar also stated that he was going to pursue judges.

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