Legal Notice issued to Rawal Hospital

29th July 2021


Rawal Medical hospital at Lehtar Street in Islamabad has been given a legitimate notification by the Pakistan Environmental protection agency Pak-EPA. The notification was given by Pak-EPA because of the poor methodologies of overseeing hazardous waste created by medical hospitals. This not exclusively is affecting the environment yet additionally presenting an extraordinary danger to individuals around. This notification was given on Wednesday.


It was said to APP by Director General Pak-EPA Farzana Altaf Shah that after redundant objections enrolled on PM’s delivery unit portal (PMDU) by the residents featuring the issue of poor waste administration and infringement of the law made by the managerial body of the hospital, the legal notification was issued to the Rawal hospital.


The director-general moreover added that after objection by the residents a group of EPA was sent to the hospital to investigate the worries of individuals. The group, in any case, affirmed the infringement of the standards and law of Hospital waste management rules, 2005 made by the authoritative body. She said after the violation of laws was affirmed legal notification was given. 




The emergency medical technician said that different hazardous and non-hazardous waste before giving it to waste management bodies must be segregated according to the standards. He similarly added that for this situation circumstance is inverse the waste isn’t been isolated and aside from that hospital doesn’t have an incinerator to consume all the hazardous waste. 

The EMT added that medical clinic staff was found discarding the unsafe waste in the dumpster in an open climate and individuals were physically burning away all the infectious waste left on the illegal rooftop top. 


The EMT referenced that the Rawal hospital administrative body will present before the EPA and afterward the Director-General of EPA will determine the decision of the entire framework.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance. 

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