Lockdown to assist People, turns against Daily Wagers

5th August 2021.

A report from ISLAMABAD allegedly states that from Karachi capital members criticized the Sindh government dominated by PPP for its pronouncement of imposing a stringent lockdown in the provincial capital to prevent the widespread of the latest wave of covid. This scenario has been reported to have taken place in the national assembly on Tuesday.

The law and order situation was declared to be deteriorating in the municipality. To add to the adversaries, one of the MNAs even called for the nuisance of governor rule in the province. The MNAs of MQM and PTI collaborated in their efforts to embolden the Karachi traders that were dissenting in contradiction of the Sindh government’s resolution to enforce the nine-day lockdown.

Furthermore, the treasury members criticized the Sindh government for inadequate and insufficient provisions for the vaccination of people in Karachi. Lawmaker Syed Naveed Qamar a member of PPP vindicated on behalf of the Sindh government’s actions and insisted to not quarrel over an issue that is directly linked to public health and well-being and Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri deferred the session till Friday morning.


Mr. Dawar highlighted that the quorum is in protest when the deputy speaker withheld his right of responding to the speech of Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan who had criticized him for allegedly maligning the country and state institutions while highlighting the current ongoing matters. Usama Qadri alleged that the Sindh government said the provincial government had enforced lockdown in Karachi which was a violation of the resolutions of the federal government NCOC.

He pointed out that it’s upsetting that only five vaccination centers had been set up in a city with a population of nearly 30 million people. He called for establishing vaccination centers at the union council level.

Mr. Qadri also demanded that the people of Karachi be relieved from paying electricity, gas, and water bills. Responding to Mr. Qadri’s speech, the PPP MNA from Hyderabad said oxygenated beds were fully occupied in Karachi due to the sudden rise in the number of Covid-19 cases and the hospitals had started refusing to admit the patients. He admitted that the traders were facing difficulties, but said it was for a limited period. He asked Prime Minister Imran Khan and the federal government to impose governor rule in the province, stating that “there is no other option left”.

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