Loose Lockdown and the Businesses Around

2nd August 2021

The numbers of covid cases have been escalating so swiftly that the daily reported positive patients have reached 5,000. The positivity ratio of infection has increased to 8 percent. Sindh has forced 9 days lockdown to control Coronavirus cases. The oxygen beds and other covid facilities are quenching from the hospitals.

The chief minister of the province said that the last year’s lockdown was strict in its application, this lockdown from 31st July till 8th August is a loose lockdown. Export-related industries are in working, restaurants and limited to take away system and scheduled exams are postponed. He likewise added that government requires people to leave home only for vaccination.


CM has said that it is difficult for businesses to step down there working but it’s high time for hospitals to settle down as the cases have spiked up. CM said that it is important to control the cases and take imperative steps to lower down the number. He mentioned that a religious and holy month of Muharram is around the corner and precautions are needed to be taken beforehand or else we will have to face serious and terrible circumstances.

The idea of lockdown can somehow reduce the influence of the delta variant as it has reached to 33 % positivity ratio in some parts of Sindh. The process of lockdown can prove to be epidemiological. If the Sindh government does not take any step, the front-line doctors and hospitals would collapse. The government is making efforts to inoculate 70 million people by the end of this year but it’s not an easy process. The authorities also said that in the beginning, the officials failed to restrict delta variant carriers to enter Karachi, originating numerous cases in the region.

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