Measures for the Transparency in LPG Acquisition

6th August 2021.

A report from Islamabad states that the ordered Energy Minister Hammad Azhar tweeted on social media to update about the measures that are being taken to ensure transparency in obtaining LNG.

On the past Wednesday, the government ordered its two imperative bodies that are associated with LNG, which are PSO and PLL. The government decreed Pakistan State Oil and Pakistan LNG to make the public revelation of appeal results on a prompt time to guarantee pellucidity.

The relative minister claimed that both the entities were instructed to issue the results of the acquisition of LNG within 24 hours on their respective websites the minister also asked the BODs of both the firms in two discrete letters, to ponder themselves and to take thoughtful actions upon the issue, to ensure its efficacy and rapid deliverance.


The minister said these instructions were preordained to certify professional lapse by the respective BODs on such essential issues, as well as to warrant the well-timed release of procurement information, which was compulsory for ensuring market adeptness as well as public disclosure. The minister said the process of spot buying of RLNG was already being steered through economic behest and tenders.

The verdict trailed inter-ministerial considerations on current public reproach on timing, processes, and behest fallouts this was the reason to buy some of the most expensive spots. Non-public disclosure of bidding results had also come under debate including comparisons of spot and longstanding LNG import deals. This had led to the departure of newspaper notice of RLNG sale price because of this confidentiality of entire obtainment results.

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