Measures that should be Taken other than Complete Lockdown

30th July 2021

As the 4th wave of Coronavirus is striking high and the rate of positivity has spiked especially in Karachi, Sindh, the provincial government is contemplating observing complete lockdown over the province.

The foreign minister for planning, development, and special initiatives has said that Pakistan as per previous records came to know that complete lockdown cannot help effectively; people on daily wages have to face the circumstances. The working class seriously suffers the consequences and Pakistan has experienced that. He mentioned this is not the best way to tackle pandemics.

The minister likewise mentioned that following sops strictly and lockdown in commercial more specifically hotspot areas has proven to be an effective strategy. He also mentioned that the government in Karachi is effectively and actively working in this regard but some people don’t understand that how perilous this virus is.

Talking about the situation he added that in Ramzan strict actions were taken and cases were falling down but as it reduced people thought it vanished away and their action became contrary to measures that should have been taken resulting in a rise of the virus again.

He mentioned that people who haven’t been immunized are not allowed to undertake domestic flights and youth above 18 has also been directed to get inoculated before 31st august and staff member by 1st august to carry out their respective activities.


Pakistan has announced 76 Covid related fatalities during the previous 24 hours. The all-out number of passing originating from the Covid currently remains at 23,209, as per the National Command and Control Center, Meanwhile, more than 4,000 new contaminations have been accounted for in the country for the second consecutive day and its consecutive third day that people are being vaccinated.

Dr. Faisal Sultan said that country will reach 1 million doses per day soon but still the number of positive cases per day and causalities have created so many concerns. Vice-Chancellor Dr. Javed Akram of the University of Health Sciences said that we need to further speed up our vaccination process as unfortunately with the reduction of one wave another wave with a high mutant variant evolves.

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