Meeting of the National Security Committee on the Afghanistan Issue

17th August 2021.

The national security committee met on Monday. The discussion focused on Afghanistan’s political crisis and stated that they hope that all parties in Afghanistan follow the laws governing the international system, human rights, and legislation. The conference also states that the parties should respect Afghans and not exploit their country’s land against other nations.

Prime Minister Imran Khan presided over the meeting, which was attended by senior cabinet members and members of the armed forces. The conference included up on the latest advancements and settlements in Afghanistan. The members were also informed of the consequences that the situation in Afghanistan may have on Pakistan.

The conference also covered the overall security situation in the region. The NSC meeting also mentioned that Pakistan had previously been a victim of the upheaval in Afghanistan. Peace and stability in the adjacent country are in the best interests of everyone, particularly the bordering area. The conference also emphasized the need of recognizing Pakistan’s achievements, since the country has been fighting terrorism for more than four decades.


Participants in the meeting emphasized Pakistan’s commitment to a comprehensive political settlement that includes all the ethnic groups of Afghan as the way forward. The member also stated that Pakistan will continue to collaborate with the international community and all stakeholders in Afghanistan to pave the way for political resolution in the region.

It was emphasized that in Afghanistan, the principle of non-interference must be followed. The NSC expressed satisfaction that major violence had been avoided thus far. Prime Minister Imran Khan has instructed that all feasible facilities be made available to expatriate Pakistanis, diplomats, journalists, and international organization personnel trying to leave Afghanistan, and he has commended the Pakistan embassy in Kabul and the state apparatus in this respect.

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