Muharram’s Security Protocols.

12th August 2021.

The district administration forbade some ulemas and zakirs from entering the capital to reinforce harmony and congruence during the long stretch of Muharram. In the capital city, over a thousand majlis and processions are permitted to perform. The organization also prohibits a variety of ulema-specific exercises.

According to the organization’s and police’s officials, there will be 181 parades in the capital from Muharram 6 to Safar 19. 14 parades have been classified as class ‘A,’ 95 as the class ‘B,’ and 72 as class ‘C.’

According to the data and reports provided by the special branch, Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Hamza Shafqaat constrained some of the clerics from performing specific activities. This action was taken in response to a threat from local clerics to convey such literary debates that endanger the peace by inciting hatred among different sects.

It was also made clear that any religious differences would fuel sectarianism and destabilize the city’s law and order situation, allowing terrorists to achieve their goals and objectives and promote terrorism.


After the special branch reported that some ulemas and zakirs were habitual of specifically propagating hatred comments in their speeches, the DC strictly prohibited their presence in the city for two months as their expressions will most likely bring to light previously existing tensions among various strict groups in the area.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dr. Syed Mustafa Tanweer also stated that there will be specific security systems in the processions and that a proper security strategy has been developed. He stated that the current state of law and order will be maintained to keep the region at peace. The capital police, led by Additional SP Farhat Abbas Kazmi, led a flag march with the goal of maintaining Muharram’s harmony. Rangers and law enforcement agencies were part of this march.

The SSP likewise added that all the protocols were to be followed and police should be well trained. There should be strict punctuality in the passing of the majlis from specific regions and metal detecting arrangements should be made of checking the participants in the majlis.

The SSP also stated that all protocols must be followed and that police officer must be properly trained. There should be strict punctuality in the passage of the majlis from specific regions, and a metal detecting arrangement should be made for checking the majlis participants.

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