NADRA has Introduced a New Online System to Verify Family Trees and Illegal Citizens in Pakistan

23rdAugust 2021.

The process of authorization of family tree and renewal of computerized national identity cards (CNICs) has become easier as the National Database and Regis­tration Authority (NADRA) has introduced an online system for all these processes.

Pakistani people will be able to acquire and confirm the information of their relatives through SMS on their cell phones under the plan by messaging their CNIC number and issue the date to 8009. Consequently, the sender will get data on their relatives.

According to NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik’s statement on Saturday, the information will be displayed through text; if an unspecified individual is added to the family tree, or if the information is irrelevant or incorrect, the client simply types 1 and sends the text, or visits the NADRA Registration Centre to implement adjustments.


Similarly, if the facts and information are correct, simply type 2 and send the message. To use the verification and renewal service, you must register the SMS with Nadra using the same cellphone number that you gave at the Nadra Registration Centre when you applied for the ID card or “B” form.

Furthermore, if your cellphone number is not registered with Nadra, you may simply go to a NADRA facility and register your cellphone number. The statement goes on to say that this is also applicable if your phone number changes. In Nadra Registration Centre, the entire procedure is free of charge.

This online IT-system approach was implemented to limit human connection during the Covid-19 epidemic and social distance. According to the authority statement, this method is taken into account to avoid any type of intrusion in people’s family trees. This method will assist them in removing any incorrect entries. NADRA presided over a public awareness campaign. “Your family is safe, Pakistan is safe,” the tagline said.

The technology will also assist the authorities in tracking down foreigners who are unlawfully residing in Pakistan. This problem was brought up in front of Prime Minister Imran Khan during his most recent visit to the NADRA headquarters. This technical development was also presented before him. The PM was also informed of the NADRA’s plan for the Digital Pakistan program.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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