Overseas voting: Trials and Prospects

14th July 2021. 

The voting of overseas Pakistani is the main concern nowadays in terms of the election process. It is the first and foremost right of the overseas Pakistanis. Supreme Court also recognizes this right and asks to facilitate them accordingly. There is a decisive debate going on in this regard that whether they should vote or be facilitated.

The complaint of individuals in the context of overseas voting is absurd as it’s their municipal right. They additionally say that as they don’t pay taxes, they should not project a voting form. However, this rationale doesn’t serve the premise as numerous people are living in Pakistan without covering charges. There are additionally numerous individuals who advocate these circumstances by saying that on the off chance as they don’t pay charges, they are also not facilitated by the nation’s revenue and alongside acquire remittances for the country.

The research shows that approximately 115 developing states permit their abroad residents to project. The question is how to start this process or where to make their vote effective? There are three types of polls in terms of election; local, provincial and national. At the local level there vote is not dynamic as it is not affecting the policy of the state, so their votes or ballot are crucial in terms of national or provincial polls which are held at the same time.


There are issues concerning overseas voting that is about casting a ballot for reserved seats like females and minorities in the country or to be exact locally. Women and minorities are considered weaker groups locally and thus having specific seats for them helps to eradicate their vulnerable causes of being weaker. This logic doesn’t apply to overseas Pakistanis.

The process of voting in developing countries becomes exerting and requires a lot of legislative efforts as there are no safe cyber portals. So the case of voting for overseas Pakistanis is also an entailing challenge. Another issue arises with host countries having overseas Pakistanis and their relations with the native countries. So along with the benefits of overseas voting, there are numerous logistical and cost limitations.

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