Pakistan-Afghanistan Bilateral Trade is Increasing

20th August 2021.

After the Taliban administration gained control of Afghanistan’s official sector, the bilateral commerce between Pakistan and Afghanistan increased abruptly and in an unexpected manner. A considerable rise in freight truck and pedestrian traffic has been observed along Pakistan’s western border.

When the Taliban took Spin Boldak, an Afghan district near the Chaman border in Balochistan, trade between the two neighboring nations reached an all-time low. This occurred during the second week of July. According to data compiled by Pakistan’s customs, which work to administer and govern border stations, trade between the two countries reached a record low on the 15th of August. Only 475 trucks transporting goods exports, imports, and transit goods entered the country at Torkham, Chaman, Kharlachi, and Ghulam Khan.

After that, on August 15th, the Taliban took over Kabul and announced their authority over the country of Afghanistan. Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid stated at the inaugural news conference that the Taliban will continue to do bilateral commerce with neighboring nations. He also stated that more efforts will be done to encourage commerce between the two countries.


According to reports, a top customer officer stated that the number of trade trucks that traveled to Afghanistan reached 1,123 within two days of the Taliban taking control of the nation on the 17th of August. The official said that they expect these numbers would rise more following the holy month of Muharram. He also stated that, based on the current trend, the number of trucks dealing likely grows next week. According to reports, the Taliban-led administration in Afghanistan is set to prioritize numerous pressing trade facilitation concerns.

The truck drivers reported that the Afghan police officers and transportation ministry officials stationed on the Afghan side asked them to pay between 10,000 and 25,000 Afghani for their return to the nation. This was also one of the factors slowing commerce between the two countries. According to the source, there was no such demand when the Taliban seized control of the nation.

Afghan trade officer was informed in the last week’s meeting of the border liaison committee that on the Afghan side, 2,000 empty vehicles/containers had become stranded. According to customs statistics, 13 empty automobiles were returned to Pakistan at Torkham customs posts and 68 at Chaman on the 15th of August, while no vehicles were returned to Pakistan at Kharlachi or Ghulam Khan. Discussing the data of 17th of August, Torkham received 86 empty vehicles; Chaman received 16, while Kharlachi and Ghulam Khan received none.

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