Pakistan Celebrates its 75th Anniversary of Independence Today

14th August 2021.

On Saturday, Pakistan marked the 75th anniversary of its independence. People’s zeal and enthusiasm are at an all-time high. Several ceremonies are being held today to commemorate this occasion.

The festivals began with gatekeeper changeover ceremonies at Mazaar-I-Quaid and Mazaar-I-Iqbal in Karachi and Lahore, respectively, and a 31-gun salute in the capital, followed by 21-gun salutes in each of the two cities. This information was reported by Radio Pakistan.

The flag lifting ceremony at Aiwaan-e-Saddar in Islamabad was one of the highlights. Dr. Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan, was the principal guest on the occasion and greeted the country on the accomplishment of its 75th year of independence.

In his address to the nation, the president stated that on this occasion, we come to know how severe and hard the difficulties were that our leader suffered throughout the Pakistan struggle. Similarly, the president paid respect to luminaries such as Jinnah, Iqbal, and Liaquat Ali Khan. He emphasized that we are here now because of their penances. He also mentioned the three wars that Pakistan was involved in.


President recognizes that there is a constant global influence and arms race going on, and Pakistan is badly caught up in it. Despite this fact, Pakistan is an agricultural nation that has worked out how to fulfill its food requirements and is now on its way to become a technical country. The country is advancing in both data and technical fields.

The president began praising Pakistan’s achievements in many fields. He said that Pakistan is a nuclear state that developed a nuclear weapon in seven years. He also stated that Pakistan has been fighting terrorism for decades, ever since the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated. He also stated that we as a country sacrificed around 100,000 lives and lost approximately $150 billion, yet emerged victorious from the conflict. He also acknowledged the troops and army officers that worked for this cause.

He also mentioned Pakistan’s humanitarian gesture, in which they enabled refugees to settle in contrast to other countries. Pakistan took in around 3.5 million refugees. The president also praised the government’s management of the Covid epidemic and the deployment of the Ehsaas program, which alerted citizens about Covid-related standard operating procedures. The president also mentioned that Pakistan has the strength to emerge as a developed nation.

On this occasion, the president also shed light on the horrors that the Kashmiri people are subjected to in this day and age. He stated that the Indian government is on the verge of genocide against Kashmiris. He also stated that peace in Afghanistan should be established.

Along with the president, the prime minister also shared his views on this occasion through the Twitter platform. He said Pakistan is the country that can stand tall and straight in the future. He also mentioned that the policies country has devised regarding the covid pandemic, environment and economy have been acclaimed internationally. He said that country has gone through revolutionary changes in history and emerged as a united, serene, and strong nation.

He also expressed solidarity with the people of Kashmir and stated that Pakistan will assist Afghanistan in these trying times. He also stated that everyone needs inner and outer peace to pursue their financial goals. According to Radio Pakistan, President Alvi bestowed 126 common awards on Pakistani citizens and foreign nationals today for demonstrating grandeur and tenacity in their respective areas.

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