Pakistan Desire for Peace in Afghanistan

September 01, 2021

With the end of the US’ two-decade-long invasion of Afghanistan, Pakistan intends a negotiated peace solution in its conflict-torn northeastern neighbor that will lead to the formation of an inclusive administration. Despite the narrative being spun against it by some, Pakistan’s top diplomat in Kabul stated that Islamabad is responsible to an inclusive peaceful resolution in Afghanistan.

Ambassador Mansoor Ahmad Khan stated, “After decades of conflict, Afghanistan requires a complete peaceful resolution for long-term stability and peace”. Ambassador Khan reiterated Islamabad’s position, saying, “Pakistan has always said there is no military solution.” A peaceful resolution that is generally recognized within Afghanistan is required.”

On Tuesday, While the US and other Western nations continued to struggle to complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan ongoing to safeguard Afghans and other nationals. According to Khan, one of four ambassadors currently located in Kabul, Islamabad has always risen to the occasion when it comes to Afghanistan, and this defines the two nations’ special bond.

The diplomat said during the candid interview, “Afghanistan and Pakistan not only end up sharing the world’s longest border, but they’re still in so many ways inextricably linked. We have the same religion on both sides of the border, we have the same culture, we speak the same language in many areas, and our people are very similar”.

Since the fall of the Western-backed Ashraf Ghani government in Kabul more than two weeks ago, analysts in the US and others has been easy to criticize Pakistan for the country’s failure. In a recent op-ed piece, some, including a well-known Bush administration neoconservative, John Bolton, pointed their guns at Pakistan.

In response to a question about Islamabad’s role in Kabul, the diplomat stated unequivocally that a stable Afghanistan was in Pakistan’s and the region’s best interests. Khan explained over the phone from Kabul, “Stability and prosperity in Afghanistan imply security and harmony in Pakistan.” It means economic growth, economic engagement, and interaction between the two countries”.

According to the diplomat, Pakistan has continued to suffer repeatedly throughout Afghanistan’s centuries fighting. “We have suffered the most as a result of the Afghan conflict.” Once there is peace and the dust has settled on the other side of the border, Islamabad and Kabul will benefit.”

When asked about Pakistan’s expectation for its war-torn neighbor, the ambassador stated, “We keep hoping that Afghanistan will take advantage of this historic chance to end centuries of war and usher in an era of peace, progress, and prosperity, not just for itself, but for regional peace, progress, and stability.”

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