Pakistan Eyes Civil Conflict if Taliban fail to Form an Inclusive Government: Premier Imran Khan

September 22, 2021

If the Taliban fail to form an inclusive government, Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned that Afghanistan will devolve into civil war.In an interview with the BBC, he said, “If they don’t include all the factions, they’ll have a civil war sooner or later. This would result in an insecure, chaotic Afghanistan, which would be ideal for terrorists. That is a source of concern.

The prime minister outlined the conditions that must be met for Pakistan to formally recognize the new Taliban administration.He urged the neighbouring country’s new leadership to be inclusive and to respect human rights. He warned the Taliban that Afghanistan should not be used to house terrorists who might pose a security threat to Pakistan.

PM Khan expressed optimism that girls would soon be able to attend schools, despite the Taliban’s recent exclusion of girls from secondary schools, with only boys and male teachers being allowed to return. It would be un-Islamic, he said, to prevent Afghan women from receiving an education.

Their statements since assuming power have been extremely encouraging,” he said. “I believe they will permit women to attend schools. It is simply not Islamic to believe that women should not be educated. Religion has nothing to do with it.Last week’s decision to keep girls out of school sparked international outrage, but a Taliban spokesman later stated that they would return to the classroomas soon as possible. However, it is unclear when girls will be allowed to return or what type of education they will receive if they do.

When asked if the Taliban could realistically meet Pakistan’s criteria for formal recognition, Prime Minister Khan repeatedly urged the international community to give the group more time. He said it was “just too early to say anything,” but that Afghan women would eventually “assert their rights.”

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan, said the country would decide whether or not to formally recognize the Taliban government alongside other neighbouring countries. “Everyone in the neighborhood will get together and see how things go,” he said.It will be a collective decision whether or not to recognize them.

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