Pakistan from a Net Cell Phone Merchant to a Trading Country

16th August 2021.

The first shipment of 4G phones labeled “Made in Pakistan” to the United Arab Emirates made Pakistan an exporter of 4G phones as well. Inovi Telecom’s first shipment included 5,500 phones. On Friday, this shipment was transported to the UAE. Meanwhile, local phone manufacturers are requesting a smartphone export policy to compete with rivals and competitors in the Middle East.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA praised and applauded the company. They hoped that smartphone exports would increase further. They also stated that this is due to the country’s ongoing efforts and hard work to develop the mobile device manufacturing ecosystem.

Inovi Telecom Pvt Ltd received authorization to manufacture the phone in April, and they were able to work things out and enable their first exports in less than four months. According to Chief Executive Zeeshan MianNoor, the main goal was to infiltrate the Middle East’s low-end markets, including Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan.


He stated that Chinese brands are being produced and that there are numerous expatriate laborers in the Gulf nations. He also mentioned that the high-end buyers in the Gulf nations prefer top-notch versatile brands and that they should not participate in that market.

He explained that they wanted to target the vast majority of the Gulf States and ordinary citizens in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, who prefer to buy smartphones under $100, which is why they manufactured Chinese brands.

Syed Amin ul Haque, Minister of Information and Telecommunications, stated that the influence of leadership frameworks has resulted in the transformation of Pakistan from a net cell phone merchant to a trading country. He mentioned that a favorable environment was provided to the manufacturer and the smuggling of cell phones has also stopped due to Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS).

The minister went on to say that after the production of spare parts for mobile phones begins next year, local manufacturers will eventually start assembling high-end phones as well. In contrast to that, a senior member mentioned that the interest of the government towards the export was quite slow.

According to Amir Allahwala, CEO of Transsion Tecno Electronics, China’s overall mobile set exports are worth more than $140 billion, but this is only because of low labor costs, which have now risen significantly.

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