Pakistan Host Meeting with Afghanistan’s Neighbors

September 08, 2021

On Wednesday, Pakistan will host a virtual meeting of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries’ foreign ministers to discuss developments in the war-torn country. Foreign ministers from China, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan will attend the meeting. The meeting comes a day after the Taliban announced a caretaker government for Afghanistan.

According to the Foreign Office, the meeting of foreign ministers will evaluate the evolving situation in Afghanistan in order to address common challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities to ensure regional stability and prosperity. “It will provide an opportunity for Afghanistan’s neighbors to collaborate for the common goal of achieving a peaceful and stable Afghanistan, which is necessary to establish strong economic ties and recognize the connectivity agenda”.

The meeting follows a similar gathering of regional countries’ Special Representatives/Envoys to Afghanistan on September 5. “Afghanistan’s neighbors have a vital stake in the country’s consistency. A peaceful, stable, united, sovereign, and prosperous Afghanistan will benefit transit trade, people-to-people exchanges, and regional security.

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