Pakistan is Blamed of Taliban Takeover, PM Khan

September 18, 2021

Prime Minister, Imran Khan, has called for the formation of an inclusive government to strengthen national unity and long-term stability in the war-torn country. “We believe that an inclusive government should be formed in the interest of Afghanistan and for long-term stability,” he said in an interview with Russia. Pakistan is collaborating with Afghanistan’s neighbors to determine what the Afghan government should do in order for the international community to recognize it.

He emphasized that the establishment of an inclusive government in Afghanistan would be a critical step. “Afghanistan is a diverse country, but the Taliban is a Pashtun movement, and Pashtuns account for half of the population.” “However, there are also a large number of Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Hazaras.” He stated that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit meeting was significant because it was attended by almost all of Afghanistan’s neighbors. At the moment, the issue of Afghanistan is critical for the entire region.

“Afghanistan is at a historic crossroads; either it will move towards stability after four decades of war, or it will go in the wrong direction, causing chaos and massive humanitarian and refugee crises that will affect all of Afghanistan’s neighbors”. PM Imran also stated that Pakistan is a member of the international community and that the Taliban government’s recognition in Afghanistan would be a significant step.

From the perspective of Pakistan, he stated that terrorism is also feared from Afghanistan because three terrorist groups previously used Afghan soil for terrorism in Pakistan. In response to a question, he stated that if Pakistan is considered to have aided the Taliban against the US, it would imply that Pakistan is stronger than the US and all European countries, and that Pakistan, along with a 60,000 to 70,000 man militia carrying light weapons, defeated a 300,000-strong army.

Unfortunately, he claimed, a propaganda campaign was launched against Pakistan. “It was started to divert attention away from the previous Afghanistan government’s incapacity, corruption, and lack of governance.” The premier stated that the majority of Afghans considered the previous government to be a puppet and that they had no respect for this government.

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