Pakistan not Invited to the UNSC Meeting on the Afghan Situation

8th August 2021.


An Islamabad-based news statement enlightens about the current ongoing situation of the deteriorating relationship of Pakistan and the international community. On the past Saturday

Foreign Office and Pakistan’s permanent Ambassador to the UN Munir Akram unraveled that Pakistan’s participation about the afghan matter had been denied by UNSC.


The president of the council, who disallowed Pakistan, was an Indian representative as well. The UNSC met on Friday to discuss the flagging situation in Afghanistan and resolved the session with a joint appeal advising all parties including the Afghan Taliban to forsake violence and seek a political clearance.




UN representative for Pakistan Munir Akram was discontent about the entire scenario and this response even though Pakistan had been making continuous efforts to persuade the Afghan government to secure peace with the Taliban but the Afghan government dissuades Pakistan by accusing it of having relations with the Taliban to which Pakistan responded sternly that it has never been eager to draw inter-communal relations with the country that has been struggling with the after-effects of the war, even after decades.


Pakistan has reiterated and made various statements all emphasizing restoring peace in Afghanistan without the need to approach the military as it will accelerate the conflict. One of the statements claimed that as the US and NATO forces are near completion of their withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Pakistan is concerned about the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and the rising probability of civil war as it violates human rights and adds up to the existing adversaries. In its efforts to mend its relation and peace Pakistan urged the Afghan government to refrain from the blame game and constitute prompt action for the restoration of peace such as APAPPS.


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