Pakistan restate for appraisal of ‘radioactive materials’ in India

August 31, 2021

Pakistan has reaffirmed its requirement for a deep inspection into documents of radioactive material robbery and unlawful possession in India; just days after two people have been arrested for obtaining Californium.

According to a senior Crime Investigation Department (CID) officer, Indian authorities arrested two suspects from the city of Kolkata last week for carrying illegal radioactive materials worth more than $573 million. On Monday, Foreign Office Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar Ahmad said in a statement, “We have received yet another report of fraud and illegal sale of radioactive material in India, which we take very seriously. According to media reports, two people have been arrested in the recent incident for illegal possession of Californium, a highly radioactive and toxic substance”. He stated that the world community is deeply concerned that an extremely rare sealed radioactive source (SRS) material such as Californium could be stolen. “As in past instances, the arrested individuals appear to have obtained the radioactive material by purchasing it within India.”

According to the statement, this is the third incident of its kind in India in the last four months. Previously, media reports had emphasized separate symptoms of over 7kg and more than 6kg of Uranium from non – authorized persons in India in May and June 2021, respectively. According to the press release, the repeated incidents create serious worries and protection of nuclear and other radioactive materials in India, as well as the possibility of an internal black market for such materials. “It also demonstrates India’s permissive preparations for securing imported SRS material. Pakistan reconfirms its call for a detailed investigation and appropriate efforts to stop similar incidents from occurring in the future,” it added.

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