Pakistan Sends Humanitarian Aid to Kabul

September 20, 2021

On behalf of the Pakistan government, the Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum (PACF) dispatched 17 truckloads of edibles weighing 278 tonnes to Afghanistan on Sunday.

Chairman Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum (PACF)Habibullah Khan Khattak, while interacting with media at the Torkham border said that Afghans are our Muslim brothers and neighbours, and we have centuries-old relations with them. He claimed that Afghanistan’s 40-year war had ruined the country’s economy, agriculture, and administrative infrastructure, and that international aid agencies’ abrupt withdrawal had put the entire population at risk.Last year’s droughtadded to the misery of the Afghan people, who are now facing a humanitarian crisis. If immediate and effective steps are not taken, the situation could deteriorate into a humanitarian disaster. Khattak went on to say that the Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum was established as a trust to help the Afghan people in their time of need.

He expressed the hope that they would provide assistance in the areas such as education, health, and livelihood in the coming days. This package is a clear message to the Afghan people that the Pakistani people and government will never forget them in their difficult times. It’s also a message to the rest of the world that, rather than waiting and seeing, they should step forward to help the Afghan people, he said. He urged all philanthropists in Pakistan and around the world to come forward and help them avert the humanitarian crisis by making generous donations.

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