Pakistan to Call on UN to investigate

24 July 2021

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan called on the UN to investigate further about the Israeli Spyware Pegasus hired by India to Spy on many including the phone number once used by PM Imran Khan as well.

A report conducted by a group of 17 International Organizations revealed that India used Israeli software Pegasus to spy on many individuals.

Apart from PM Khan, India’s opposition leader Rahul Gandhi also accused India’s Modi government of breach of privacy and demanded a formal investigation to bring the truth forward.

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A formal statement from the Foreign Office Pakistan accused India of state-supported, proceeding far and wide investigation and spying tasks in clear breach of worldwide standards of reliable state conduct.

The statement clarified that due to the gravity of the situation proper UN bodies should address the matter and conduct a thorough investigation as to what India has been up to and the ones proved guilty should be punished by law for their actions.

The investigation reports reveal that a total of 37 smartphones of journalists, media personnel’s and human rights activists were successfully hacked into. The Israeli company NSO stated that their Software was strictly used to keep a keen eye on terrorist and hostile activities.

The statement from Pakistan also stated that Delhi has been using these tactics in Indian Occupied Kashmir for a long therefore, Pakistan is following the investigation thoroughly and will bring the Indian abuse in eyes of the International community.

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