Pakistan to Cooperate with Afghanistan

11 August 2021

In the alleged kidnapping of the daughter of Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan on 16 July, Pakistan extended full cooperation for the investigation.

Pakistan has formally conveyed to Afghanistan that the investigation does not support her narration of the kidnaping.

The Afghan delegation visited Pakistan for further investigation of the kidnaping where they were informed that the investigation by Pakistani law enforcement has found out that the police statement given by Silsila Alikhel did not match with the findings of the investigation which is also backed by comprehensive witnesses and technical evidences.

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Afghan officials during their visit to Pakistan in account of the kidnaping also visited the Safe City Office in Islamabad.

There they were shown many video footages that clearly shows Silsila roaming independently. The Afghan delegation was also allowed to do on-site visiting to all the places visited by Silsila.

The visiting delegation was shown detailed presentation comprising of mobile forensic findings and geo fencing. None of the evidence complied with Silsila’s complaint of some unidentified men kidnaping and manhandled her.

Soon after that the Afghan government withdrew its diplomatic staff from Pakistan and Silsila was reportedly shifted to Germany.

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