Pakistan, Uzbekistan agree to broaden bilateral relations

July 4, 2021

Pakistan and Uzbekistan agreed that bilateral cooperation and understanding would be expanded and that recent high-level exchanges would continue to take place. The agreement was reached during the opening round of bilateral political consultations between Pakistan and Uzbekistan, which took place virtually between the two parties.

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They exchanged views on bilateral relations, including political, business and trade, culture, exchanges between people, regional links and security and regional and global issues. The two countries shared their views on bilateral relations.

Both parties were also pleased with the positive momentum in visits and interactions, including a visit to Pakistan from the Uzbek Foreign Affairs Minister and the virtual summits between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chairman Savkat Mirzyoyev.

Uzbekistan will also be a gateway for Pakistan to other Central Asian countries, in addition to offering business opportunities. In exchange, Pakistan can offer the landlocked country its seaport for trade.Premier Abdul Razak Dawood will also be joining Prime Minister Abdul Razak Dawood for Trade, Textiles, Industries, Production and Investment.

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