PM, CM, and the Governor Offer Condolences to the Mourning Families

23rdAugust 2021.

Karachi is the fiscal and trade hub of Pakistan hence it has always been the target of terrorists. Political drive, public support, and commitment of law-enforcement agencies are required to shatter their ill plans shortly.

On this Saturday CM of Sindh addressed the media, offering condolences to the mourning families. CM went to Sherpao Colony of Landhi to offer commiserations and was convoyed by the provincial minister, KMC Administrator Murtaza Wahab, MNA Agha Rafiullah, MPA Raja Razak, and others.

CM said that they always had hitches on their eastern and western borders; therefore such kind of incidents as happened in Mawach Goth could take place in the future. He pronounced that analyzing the prevailing situation; unrest in India and the Afghan crisis, he presided the apex committee meeting to derive a policy to tackle the probable dangerous menace coming from these situations.


The Mawach Goth event, according to the CM, was one of the heinous attacks on women and children. He went on to say that the offenders will be punished shortly. Furthermore, they acclaimed the police, Rangers, and other law enforcement agencies for safeguarding amity on the juncture of Ashura.

The CM also directed Malir DC to distribute cheques of Rs1 million to the heirs of each of the deceased victims and Rs200,000 to each person injured in the incident. After his visit, the CM went to Ibrahim Hyderi where he offered condolences to the family of Muhammad Ali Shah, the Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum chairman, who passed away 3 days prior.

Shah said that the late rights activist strived for the rights of the fishing community and his noble services will be remembered. On Friday, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail visited Sherpao Colony to offer sympathies to the orphaned families. The Governor told media persons that he had visited families to convey them a commiseration message of the PM.

He responded to the media and answered a question saying he had been constantly in touch with the Sindh Rangers director general and Karachi additional inspector general of police over the Baldia Town incident and systematic and detailed analysis was being steered. Governor commented that the fanatics that projected the attack were not only the opponents of Pakistan but to the entire humankind.

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