PM Imran Khan Attend a Two-Day SCO Summit in Tajikistan

September 17, 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan invited Tajikistan’s business community to invest in Pakistan on Thursday, assuring them of his government’s support. According to a tweet from the Prime Minister’s Office, the premier is in Tajikistan for a two-day visit, during which he will attend the 20th Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Heads of State Summit in Dushanbe (PMO).

After returning in Dushanbe, the prime minister presided over the inaugural meeting of the Pakistan-Tajikistan Business Forum, for which a delegation of Pakistani businessmen travelled to Tajikistan. According to Radio Pakistan, the joint business forum will catalyze growing trade and investment relations and promote business-to-business contacts between the trading communities of both countries.

In his address to the forum, Prime Minister Imran emphasized the importance of increasing bilateral trade between the two countries, lamenting that it currently amounted to a “minuscule” $80 million and that there was still a lot of potential. He described Pakistan, with a population of 220 million people, as a “huge market” for Tajik business and investors. In inviting them to Pakistan, he assured them of government assistance to make business easier. More trade, according to the premier, would benefit both countries. “Unfortunately, we have very expensive electricity in Pakistan,” he said of Tajikistan’s cheap and clean energy, particularly hydroelectricity.

The premier stated that work on the CASA-1000 power transmission line would be accelerated so that Pakistan could also benefit from “your clean and cheap energy [such as] hydroelectricity.” On Afghanistan, the prime minister prayed for peace in the country, saying that better connectivity would be “extremely important” for Pakistan-Tajikistan trade. “Your president and I will do everything possible to ensure peace [in Afghanistan], particularly between the two major ethnic groups, Tajiks and Pakhtuns. We will do everything possible to ensure that they come together and that there is an inclusive government “He stated.

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