PM says thinking to hold talks in Balochistan with insurgents

July 6, 2021

GWADAR -On Monday, Premier Imran Khan revealed that he is planning talks with rebel groups in Balochistan in order to put an end to the militancy. The Prime Minister in Gwadar told the business community that there might be complaints of past mistakes from the insurgents, adding that India could use the insurgents to propagate chaos in the country.

Prime Minister said earlier today that Gwadar is going to be a focus of development in Pakistan when he addressed a ground-breaking ceremony of different development projects.The premier emphasized that the development in Pakistan is linked to progress in Balochistan, saying that Pakistan is on a journey to becoming a great country.

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The Premier expressed that some areas of the country are developing, while some others, including Balochistan, have been underdeveloped during a ground-breaking ceremony of several development projects in Gwadar.

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