PMDA against Media Rights

26th August 2021.

Report from WC, US informs that On Wednesday, Human Rights Watch Rejected a report of Pakistan’sembassy in Washington insisted that the proposed Pakistan Media Development Authorityabout ensuring media’s freedom, empowerment, and promotion in the country.

HRW, in itsreport, said that as part of its suppression of freedom of expression the government is seekingbroad new supremacies in the apparel of the projected PMDA. In an announcement, thePakistani embassy supposed that the government was deliberating upon setting up the PMDAto meet the contemporary encounters confronted by the country.

The government heldconferences with all the patrons over the subject, the embassy responded and that Islamabadhad no intentions to bring an ordinance, in this matter. The Pakistani embassy furtherjustified, it is not true that the bill was kept secret.


Conferring to the HRW report, the anticipated statute would reinforce the powers of thegovernment to censor and restrict the media. The proposed PMDA would bring together allmedia in Pakistan comprising of print, television, radio, films, and digital media under oneregulator.

The proposed law would grant first-hand unconstrained powers to the government-measured PMDA by setting up superior media courts that will have the authority to levyabrupt forfeits for media organizations and journalists who disrupt its code of conduct orpublish content the PMDA considers to be fabricated news, the report added, citingjournalists, human rights activists, and lawyers.

The HRW report stated that the proposed lawwould also escalate governments control by consenting government spokespersons to beprearranged to significant situations.On August 20, key stakeholders of media and civil society completely rejected this harshgovernment proposal.

A joint statement was issued by the PFUJ, HRCP, PBC, SAFMA,Asma Jahangir’s AGHS, DigiMAP, FN, IRADA, DRF, MMFD and others compete with, allof whom rejected the PMDA and termed it deplorable. The statement they launched mainlystated that this proposal mainly tackles government concerns rather than revolutionizingthem.

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