PM’s discussion on Generating Wealth for the Country

4th August 2021.

As the economy of the country is stable according to PM Imran Khan, the next step is to flourish wealth in the country. He said that we need to produce all kinds of products at the local level to cut down our imports and establish more effective exports. He said that this will help us in creating wealth and saving foreign exchange. These steps will turn out to be successive in establishing a prosperous country.

Premier likewise added that if the country can build a nuclear weapon for itself so why not the ordinary and local products. He addressed this while attending the closing ceremony of 3 days long function that was set up by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Conference and Industries (RCCI) in association with the Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority (NAPHDA) at Pak-China Friendship Centre.

The PM likewise mentioned that the country is trying to expand its export system because the current account deficit can seriously choke the economy of the country. He added that the country needs to establish its financial resources as well.


The Premier also referred to the efforts that the government is putting in to facilitate different sectors of the economy to get rid of the country’s financial challenges and how the government is helping in establishing a bigger export system by incentivizing different construction and other industries of the country.

He also mentioned his primary Naya Pakistan agenda which was to exterminate poverty and announced the launching of the Kamyaab Pakistan Program that will help people in getting technical education, health care, micro-financing, and interest-free loans for the construction of their homes. He referred to the poor planning of previous governments that led to many small settlements in the country. While addressing global warming he mentioned the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami.

Balochistan and Punjab’s CM met PM and discussed later developments in the province; Usman Buzdar also talked about 4,000 development projects that were approved at the district and divisional level.

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