Political Turmoil in Afghanistan

16th August 2021.

On Sunday, Foreign Office spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri claimed that Pakistan is carefully watching the situation in Afghanistan and that in Kabul the embassy of Pakistan is assisting Pakistanis, Afghans, and other citizens with diplomatic work and flights.

Earlier on Sunday, it was revealed that the Taliban had taken control of Afghanistan’s capital city, Kabul. The report was subsequently confirmed that the city was encircled by the Taliban, although they had no plans to use force. It was then revealed that, following an agreement among political factions, another provisional administration would be purportedly established in Afghanistan.

The Foreign Office spokesperson stated that Pakistan will contribute to regional peace and stability by sustaining political settlement. He further stated that they hope Afghan factions would work together to resolve the political turmoil problem.


According to Chaudhry, the Pakistan Embassy in Kabul is extending significant assistance to Pakistanis, Afghan nationals, and the conciliatory and global-local vicinity for diplomatic services. Similarly, the embassy is assisting with the organization of Pakistan International Airlines flights.

According to Afghan media sources, Ali Ahmad Jalali, the former Afghan ambassador to Germany, has been designated the leader of Afghanistan’s new temporary administration.

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