Protection Measures for the Sacred Month of Muharram

16th August 2021

According to a recent update from Islamabad, Prime Minister’s SA on the maintenance of co-existing religious societies and the Middle East, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir, assured on Sunday that there will be adequate linkage and coordination between the ulema to regulate law and order during the sacred month of Muharram.

He said that leaders of various schools of thought were working together on the insurance of law and order and spontaneous measures will be taken in case of registration of any complaint. He also appreciated the ulemas on the behalf of the government.

He said law and order could be only maintained this month using a strategic approach and cooperation of different schools of thought. He further said that riots can also be avoided by using the code of conduct and stopping any intervention and criticism of beliefs amongst sects.


Ulema as a response also appreciated Mr. Hafiz’s determination and the fact that he was instructed by the PM. The religious scholars and Ulema also announce to disconnect from those who had been involved in making heretical comments, defamation, and dilapidation of holy places.

Furthermore, the member of the clergy urged the public to ensure the implementation of SOPs in congregations. Meanwhile, Mr. Hafiz commented on Afghanistan in his address to the media. He mentioned that they were implementers of peace and not bloodshed in the afghan deterioration era. He added that Pakistan’s army has raised their esteem by defending our country in extreme cases of terrorism.

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