Putin clues at July visit

July 3, 2021

Pakistan- Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has hinted at a visit to Pakistan for the first time, according to sources on Thursday. Putin has already shed light on that idea, according to details, and Pakistan’s foreign ministry is preparing.

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Sources stressed that Prime Minister Imran Khan used his personal connections to persuade the Russian President to visit the country, where he was awaited with a red tapestry welcome. The project, of the CPEC type, is expected to reach the end of this month, valued at trillions of dollars between the two sides, sources added.

The move, however, is likely to enrage India. The respective heads of state of New Delhi and Moscow have an agreement under which they will visit each other’s countries on an annual basis. Because of India’s growing ties with the United States, Russia’s president has not visited New Delhi in two years.


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