Putin Criticize the US over Afghanistan ‘Tragedy’

September 2, 2021

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the US’ 20-year campaign in Afghanistan had resulted in “only tragedies and losses.” The Russian president has a history of condemning Western countries for seeking to enforce their values on non-Western countries.

Moscow has repeatedly criticized the US policy in Afghanistan, which is now under Taliban control subsequent their takeover this month ahead of the American withdrawal on August 31. Putin said on Wednesday that the US army spent two decades attempting to “en-grain their social rules” in war-torn Afghanistan, which he described as a useless operation.

He said, “The result is nothing but tragedies, nothing but losses for all those who did it for the US but even more so for the people who live on Afghan soil”. He stated that it is “extremely difficult to impose anything from the outside.” He was speaking at a gathering of young teens in Vladivostok, Russia’s far eastern city, to highlight the beginning of the school year.

Putin stated last week that Russia would not intervene in Afghanistan and that Moscow had understood from the Soviet colonization of the country. He has also criticized Western countries for attempting to shift Afghan refugees in Moscow-aligned CARs region. Moscow has expressed a hope about Kabul’s new leadership, stating that it will not interfere in internal affairs.

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