Qatar Reopen Kabul’s Airport with Taliban

September 03, 2021

According to the country’s foreign minister, Qatar is cooperating with the Taliban to try and open Kabul’s airport as soon as possible, who also urged the Taliban to make it possible Afghans to leave. The airport, which was the site of a frantic evacuation that concluded with the American withdrawal on Tuesday, is no longer operational, with much of its infrastructure deteriorated or destructed.

“We are working extremely hard and we remain optimistic that we will be continued to act it as soon as possible,” Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said. “Ideally, we’ll hear some great news in the next few days,” he said at a press conference in Doha. On Wednesday, a Qatari technical staff flew into Kabul to explain resuming the airport, becoming the first plane to land there since the evacuations.

According to a source familiar with the situation, the primary objective was to revive flights for humanitarian assistance as well as to offer free movement of people, including the reinstatement of evacuation attempts. More than 123,000 foreign nationals and Afghans were airlifted out of the country, but many more are desperate to escape.

He added, “It’s critical that the Taliban exemplify their committed to providing safe transport and free movement for Afghans,” Sheikh Mohammed said. Qatar is “trying to engage with the Taliban as well as Turkey if they can offer technical help”. Sheikh Mohammed was speaking at a press conference alongside his British counterpart, Dominic Raab, who stated that “we need to adjust to a new reality” of Taliban rule.

Raab said, “Our main focus is to maintain a safe entry of those remaining British nationals, as well as Afghans who did work for the UK and others who may be in danger”. In recent years, Qatar has hosted Taliban-US talks and served as a transport hub for approximately 43,000 Afghan evacuees. In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks by al Qaeda, which had found asylum in Afghanistan, the Troops Invaded and deposed the Taliban government in 2001.

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