RAW was behind the 2009 Terrorist Attack onSri Lankan Team

September 20, 2021

On January 22, 2009, exactly 40 days before the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore, the Crime Investigation Department (CID) Punjab issued a precise threat alert about a RAW plan to target the touring team in order to defame Pakistan.According to the CID, the terrorist attack would then take place while the Sri Lankan team would be travelling between the hotel and the stadium or at the hotel during their stay. And this is exactly what the entire world witnessed on March 3, 2009, raising a million-dollar question about the then-serious government’s security lapse.

Although those responsible for ignoring the threat alert went unpunished, the attack demonstrated how India was funding terrorism in order to harm Pakistan’s cricket.According to the January 22, 2009, report labelled “SCRET/IMMEDIATE” with the subject “SOURCE REPORT,” “it has reliably been learnt that RAW (the Indian Intelligence agency) has assigned its agents the task of targeting the Sri Lankan cricket team during their current visit to Lahore, particularly while travelling between the hotel and stadium or at the hotel during their stay.”

The Chief Minister has seen the enclosed source report and has requested that every effort be made for the security of the Sri Lankan cricket team during their current visit to Lahore.He has also requested that extreme vigilance and enhanced security arrangements be put in place to prevent any untoward incident.

The then IG Punjab Shaukat Javed personally visited the whole route of the cricket team for the one-day match and even talked to the cops deployed there. The then CCPO Pervez Rathore also visited the site more than once.To the country’s misfortune, the then PPP government-imposed Governor’s rule in Punjab on Feb 25, 2009. After the imposition of Governor’s Rule, not only were the chief secretary and inspector general police changed but many police officers in Lahore, including the CCPO, SP Operation and six other SPs, were also changed and replaced. As a result, the emphasis of the CID report about RAW’s threat was overlooked and the whole world witnessed the unfortunate terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team, which brought an end to international cricket in Pakistan for more than a decade.

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