Re-Phrasing Electoral Reforms

17th July 2021

The bill that the government had established earlier was subject to conflict and it raised many controversies amongst the opposition parties and legislations and regarded those reforms as “unconstitutional” despite governments’ claims that they have stood by the constitutional principles. But now it is making efforts to reconcile with these oppositional bodies and ECP. It’s important to give a meticulous reading to these clauses and alter them. The particular statement that raised these concerns was regarding granting electoral rights to the overseas Pakistanis.

The government needs not be hasty and give rational justification before implementing this to put this idea into action the government needs to modify some clauses and consent of all the officials involved.


Those Pakistani who reside in foreign countries but still hold Pakistani nationality without having a dual passport are the individuals who should have the right to vote. The criticism also arose from the fact that the laws do not directly restrict people who have surrendered their Pakistani nationality to showcase their devotion to another nation by procuring a new passport and a new nationality.

The second cause of the dispute is the use and purchase of EVMs.The practice of using an untested results transmission system (RTS) in the former general election is a case in point. These technological approaches are misinterpreted and condemned to a vast extent in an underdeveloped country like Pakistan. These issues need some more consideration with giving meticulous attention to details and also needs consensus before ensuing with legalizing them with cooperation from all.

Please contact the Legal Research Institute of Pakistan for further assistance.

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